Mistress Molly is the Owner and Head Mistress of The House of Mistress Molly  


Mistress Molly was trained Old Guard Style from Her Grand Domme in Ballyfin,Ireland.She has been in the BDSM Lifestyle for over 5 years and lives it 24/7. She has now been in Southern New Hampshire, USA for over three years and has created The House of Mistress Molly to offer sub sessions and to teach proper protocol and safe play practices. A sadist with a smile, and referred to as a "Unicorn, or Cupcacke" Domme for Her loving heart and easy way She directs and teaches Her subs. To have Her subs grow, learn, and feel more comfortable is always Her number one drive during any session.


Kinky Minister

Submissives, bottoms, and clients are to address me as Lady or Goddess.

I am an Experienced Lifestyle Dominant and Professional BDSM Dominatrix located out of Belknap County New Hampshire.

I am trained in and follow Old Guard and High Protocol Practices.

Negotiations and Consent prior to scening and/or sessions is MANDATORY.

You will be Respectful, Courteous, and a Gentleman at all times and remember your place when you are in the presence of a Dominant Lady.

I dress in corsets, leather, lace, and high heels. I take pride in my appearance and I do not hide who and what I am (client’s discretion and privacy are always respected).

My Titanium Hands can rock you to the core and then sweetly smooth you back to earth.
Once I have you in my beautifully designed and impeccably maintained Talons, you may never escape, though, one may argue that you would never wish to.

My specialty is Dominating over gentleman 50+, but I am experienced and talented enough to handle all gentleman of any age 25 years or older.

 Negotiations & Consent

Negotiations & Consent


You have just entered the lifestyle or perhaps you are not even new to the lifestyle yet, you are still new to the idea of it all, to the act of BDSM. You are serious about your curiosity, you have been thinking about it for a long time, and you have come to the conclusion you need to take the plunge, you need to know, you need to be released, exposed, indulged.
You have been searching for the correct Female Domme. She needs to be experienced. She needs to be safe. She needs to talk to you and to explain to you about what you are in for. What she’s going to do to you. What you are going to let her do to you. You need to know you will get what you NEED and that she will enjoy doing it to you.




You are experienced in the lifestyle and to the acts of BDSM. You have been there, done that, but you are knowledgeable enough to know there is always more and there is always a different, brand new way to do the same beloved things. You are on the search for a Female Domme that is not after your wallet or scared to touch you, or perhaps not be educated enough to know when to stop. Someone who needs to scene just the same way you do. You need someone who actually knows what negotiations and consent are. Someone who, in time, will push you, but stay within the negotiations of what you both have agreed to. Someone who will hurt you, make you yell, make you moan, make your muscles twitch, and your legs buckle. A Female Domme that actually practices After Care and will not accept anything less.


Kinky Minister’s Professional BDSM Services:

D/s and Complete and Total Power Exchange.
Collaring (and Leashing).
Impact Play (light/beginner to extreme/experienced).
Flogging - Saint Andrews Cross.
Spanking - Spanking Bench, Her Titanium Hands, Paddles, Floggers (Hairbrushes and Wooden Spoons are available for traditionalists)
Hot Wax
Foot Workshop
Sensation Play (Hot, Cold, Soft, Scratchy, Sharp (no skin penetration), Pain, Massage, Light Impact, etc)
Tickle Torture

Sex Counseling Specialist - Singles and Couples Welcome

Kinky Minister’s Ceremonial Services:

Collaring Ceremonies, Ceremony of the Roses, Weddings, and Grief Counseling.

Kinky Minister’s HARD LIMITS:

No Minors. You must be 25 years or older.
No Sexual Activities
Nothing Non-consensual.
Nothing illegal within the State of NH.
No Drugs or Consumption of Alcohol before or during a session/scene.
Nothing that will cause serious permanent injury.
No Animals
No scat, red or golden showers, or vomit.
No waterboarding.

If you would like to be kind and pamper a Lady and a Goddess please do so...

My Wish List:



$100 for a 30 Minute Foot Worship
Bring a BRAND NEW UNUSED Nail Polish to Surprise Me With! My favorite fragrances when it comes to creams, lotions, and perfumes is Rain Oil, Lavender, and Lemon Grass.

$300 for One Hour of NH Legal BDSM Scening ONLY
$550 for Two Hours of NH Legal BDSM Scening ONLY
$1500 and Treating Me To Dinner for Eight Hours Plus of NH Legal BDSM Scening ONLY


To Book A Session:

Email: CandyQueen123@pronton.com

Fetlife: KinkyMinister

About Unity NH LLC

IMG_1670 (1).JPG

Unity nh llc is...

Unity is a safe and welcoming fully stocked Dungeon available for sessions, rentals for other BDSM Professionals, Photo/video shoots, Group meetings, classes, play parties,etc. The Dungeon is fully stocked with plenty of tools/implements along with multiple bondage furniture in the main dungeon area, along with a smaller sections for a sissy Dressing room, stocked with clothes, wigs, shoes, makeup, etc . The other smaller section is the Medical Room, with medical bed, tools and materials, set in an exam room setting.

Unity is located in a quiet commercial park, close to the Manchester Airport. Unity offers  1,400 + Sq.feet  of open play space, with private bathroom, and changing room area with small retail shop of local craftsman.